I’m Jonathan A. Bennett, Educational Technology Consultant.

Teachers are a special breed of people. They need a unique blend of patience, presence, intelligence, and people skills to relate complicated concepts to their students. Technologists special breed of people.

They need a completely different blend of creatively logical thinking, determination, and single-minded focus to take our fuzzy, analog world and constrain it to the crisp zeros and ones of the digital world. These two skillsets are worlds apart. My specialty is bridging that gap.

As a Educational Technology Consultant, I explore every technology so that you don’t have to. When you tell me about your class, I can refer you to the technology that perfectly matches your needs. You only learn about the good technologies. That means more time to spend on your class.

But knowing what tool to use is the easy part. I also train you so that you learn these technologies quickly. Training sessions that include time for guided exploration and individually targeted expansion are crucial to learning a tool well.

With 6 years of experience in the classroom and over 13 years of experience providing tech solutions in various workplaces, I have plenty of experience matching solutions to problems. On this website, you can find examples of these solutions. Each time, I have identified a problem, found or crafted a solution, and trained my coworkers to use the solution to maximum effect.

In business, I cut print costs by 60% across my team of 15 employees. In schools, I used interactive whiteboards to turn my class of bashful kindergartners into top presenters. Currently, I’m teaching teachers use a combination of Chrome apps, extensions, and collaborative editing within Google's Office Apps to measure and increase student contributions to group projects. To see what I can do for you, email consulting@jonathanabennett.com.