Here's what I'm doing now...

I'm in Seoul, Korea laying the foundations for a business as a ed-tech consultant and freelance programmer. In practice, that looks like this:

  • Spending at least a few hours a night with my new wife, building our relationship.
  • Adding or revising at least 1 page per day on my new domain
  • Working my way through the FreeCodeCamp certification program.
  • Studying for the Google Certified Educator Level 2 certification.
  • Taking some short (under 4 hour) online courses to shore up weak spots I find in my business skills.
  • Listening to these podcasts.
  • Listening to audio books on the topics of personal productivity, entrepreneurship, and education.
  • Reading books on the same topics plus programming.
This list is everything I'm doing right now. I'm not taking on any additional responsibilities until these foundations are sure enough to support them. This list will be updated as it changes. The last update was February 19th, 2016.