Jonathan A. Bennett
Educator and Technologic Learning Architect

Career Summary

A passionate learner, Jonathan has dedicated his life to learning. In 6 years of direct classroom experience, he has taken every opportunity to improve the learning experience for his students. Prior to that, his professional career in IT focused on direct technical support, where he made educating the staff to do basic troubleshooting themselves his goal. Throughout that whole time, he has maintained a focus on personal and professional development, constantly seeking to expand my horizons. He's currently looking for opportunities at the intersection of learning and technology to train teachers how to use the technological tools available to them in their classrooms to greatest effect.

Most Recent Work Experience

EtonHouse Preparatory School

ICT Project Leader          2015 ~

Helps students from Early Years to Year 6 learn ICT skills from typing to programming. Helps staff use technology to optimize their learning environment.

  • Writes detailed lesson plans based on the Inquiry Based Learning model.

  • Assesses student ability across a range of ICT skills.

  • Heads the school's Student Tech Team, supervising the filming and audio recording of all major school events by students.

  • Provides regular CPD workshops for faculty and staff on a variety of ICT topics.

  • Prepares and tracks progress against the 24-36 month plan for student-facing ICT plans for the school.

  • Prepares CPD material for staff to use in self-directed CPD covering tools available to them in the Google Apps for Education stack.

  • Edits all audio and video collected by the Student Tech Team and prepares it for presentation.

  • Manages school website, posting news items and videos of school events.

  • Uses technology in the classroom to facilitate learning.

Previous Work Experience

Kyunghee Elementary School

English Lecturer          2015

Helps students aged 2nd to 6th grade to develop English skills and other life skills through interactive lessons.

  • Designs and implements classroom management and behavior plans that differentiate between the developmental levels of lower and upper elementary students.

  • Writes detailed, objective-based lesson plans.

  • Prepares tests based on the learning objectives of the school.

  • Teaches special classes ranging from debate to English cooking.

  • Ensures student safety, especially during free time.

  • Conducts level assessment tests.

  • Designs supplemental homework materials to reinforce subjects from textbooks target to address per-student weak areas.

  • Checks student classwork and homework.

  • Uses technology in the classroom to facilitate learning.

Key Skills

Areas of Expertise

  • Accelerated Learning

  • Conflict Resolution

  • IT Applied to Classroom

  • Problem Solving

  • Curriculum Development

Teaching Skills

  • Interactive and engaging teaching style

  • Finding and developing student talents and abilities

  • Promoting exploration and discovery

  • Using computers in the classroom to enhance the learning environment

  • Developing curriculum and lessons based on classroom objectives

Personal Skills

  • Has a positive and engaging attitude

  • Has strong conflict resolution skills

  • Always excited to learn new things

  • Uses technological tools competently

  • Loves solving problems

  • Works independently

Education and Certification

AppsEvent Certified Admin Levels 1&2        2015
Certification covers use of the Google Apps Admin Panel to manage a Google Apps for Education domain, including best practices in user management, OU structures, device management, and app management. Valid until December, 2017.

Google Certified Educator Level 1 2016
Certification covers the use of the Google Apps Suite in education, including Classroom, Sites, Forms, and Drive. Valid until January, 2016.

Toccoa Falls           2002-2006

BS        Cross Cultural Studies Degree focuses on living and working in a cross-cultural environment, with a focus on recognizing cultural differences and adapting communication styles to promote understanding.