Jonathan A. Bennett

I'm Jonathan Bennett. I became a teacher because I love teaching and learning. I love the moment of discovery, when a student understands something for the first time. But that doesn't mean that I enjoy everything about teaching.

Grading, medium and long term plans, reports cards, assessments, portfolio generation, and a dozen other things take teachers away from the things that drew most of us to the profession. I've never met a teacher who muddled through the teaching so they could get to the good stuff: writing reports.

But I'm not just a teacher, I'm also a productivity and computer nerd. I love learning new ways to work more efficiently, and I love using technology to make my own life both easier and richer.

That's why I love training teachers who need help being more productive. How much time do you spend at work on paperwork and administrative tasks? What if you could cut that time in half? Would you spend more time with a lower ability student? Would you spend time developing additional projects to connect classroom learning to your community? What if you could cut that time by 90%? Those are the kinds of questions I love answering.